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how to ship my car

How to Ship Your Car Cost-Effectively When You Move to Another State

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Need an Affordable Way to Ship Your Vehicle?

It is both cost-effective and efficient to ship your vehicle via a car transport company because it saves you in repetitive costs, added vehicle mileage, fuel costs, and time.

Want Your Vehicle Shipped at High Speed?

We have many different shipping options available to fit your needs. We will get your vehicle transported within your designated time frame using the most cost-effective solution.

Economy / Open Carriers


This kind of transport uses an open-sided, double stack trailer that houses vehicles to be transported in neat rows; usually housing ten cars at a time.

Enclosed Carriers


Instead of an open trailer, enclosed transport shipping uses an enclosed trailer to keep out any weather, dust, debris, and potential flying rocks that may sometimes occur during the transportation process.

Classic Car Shipping


We use only the most professional, reliable, and reputable carriers in the industry to assure that your valued automobile investment will be transported in the most secure manner possible.

Military Auto Transport


It is our opinion that military personnel and their families have enough to worry about as their hero ships out. We want to take some of that added moving stress off of your shoulders by providing you with the highest quality auto moving services available.

Exotic Car Shipping


Because of their special nature, exotic vehicles need extra care when being handled to account for their unique attributes that make them exotic. Our years of experience with shipping a wide variety of vehicles has given us the vast knowledge and expertise that you are looking for when shipping your valuable item.

Snowbird Season


Our professional carriers will carefully and respectfully transport your car or truck from your primary location to your winter get-a-way so that you can focus your attention on getting settled in and enjoying life.

How to Ship Your Car Cost-Effectively When You Move to Another State

Wondering how much it costs to ship your car to another state?  There’s no sense wasting time looking at someone else’s car shipping prices to get an answer. You’re making your own journey. Prices fluctuate. Was that online quote you read on a search result for your car? Your city? Your state? On your dates? Probably not. Quotes to ship a car out of state need to be personalized, and we’ll do that for you.

Want Personalized Answers? Fill Our Short Car Ship Quote Form & Learn the Cost

Our form to estimate the cost to ship your car is easier than a college application and easier than basic training. It’s even easier than a filling out a form for car insurance.

The Basic Data Needed to Price Car Shipping to Another State:

  • City, State and Zip you’re leaving from
  • City, State and Zip you’re going to
  • Year, Make and Model of your vehicle
  • Whether you’re shipping a running car or a non-running car to another state

That’s it. Simple, right? (If you don’t know the year, make and model of your vehicle you can look at your car registration, title or car insurance forms.)  Our online quick quote form asks for your name, email and phone so we can send you the results in a confidential manner. You’ll be surprised by how affordable it is to ship your car to another state.

Get a Quote and Confirm Your Leaving, Shipping, and Destination Details

Once you see your quote and realize that, yes, you can afford to ship your car, just confirm the details with the auto transport company. Skilled auto transport drivers may be capable of maneuvering down narrow, windy roads and busy city streets, but they are often not allowed. In fact, many cities have local regulations that prohibit large auto transport trucks from driving on certain roads. (It saves a road a good 10,000 pounds of excess wear and tear, and traffic flow would be much worse with an auto carrier truck thrown into a traffic jam mess.) To combat that conflict, the auto transport company will have local drop-off and/or pickup locations. If you’re moving to a military base or college, you will likely have to pick up your car from another location. If there are no road restrictions for the auto transport carrier, then door-to-door service may be possible.

Shipping your car on an open carrier is the most cost-effective manner to ship your car, but if you have a sports car or luxury car, you may want to shell out a few more dollars for an enclosed carrier.

If you want to save money, choose an open carrier and choose off-season dates to ship your car. Auto transport companies are busy moving cars cross-country in the summer and from north to south in the winter when the Snowbirds head south.  If you’re starting college, you might be able to save some money by living without your car for a few days.

Clean & Don’t Pack Your Car Before You Ship Off to Another State

For many people, cleaning their car will be the most challenging part of moving. You have a busy life and the drink cups, drive-thru containers, and project papers can pile up. Unfortunately, you can’t pack your car full of household goods to move to your new state. A car is shipped based on weight, and the auto transport carriers have strict federal regulations set by the Department of Transportation.

Your personalized quote to ship your car is also based on the weight of your car, which the auto carrier company can determine once they know the year, make and model of your car. See why personalized quotes to ship your car are better than a general guesstimate? What if you have a Chevy Silverado and the quote was based on a Ford Focus? You can avoid sticker shock by getting your own personalized quote to ship your car with our online form.

What’s Stopping You? Get a Quote. Ship Your Car.

Fill out the quote form now and learn how affordable and easy it is to ship your car to another state. (Pickup trucks too!) Change is good. Go ahead and create your change.  Your car will be shipped to be right there with you when your new journey begins. Enjoy the ride.

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