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FAQ Questions and Answers on Car Shipping Quotes & Transport Services

How much will it cost to ship my car?

Probably less than you think. If you want to find out quickly how much it costs to ship your car, just use the free quote tool on our home page. We will let you know an estimated price, but auto transport companies need a few tidbits of data before a realistic estimate for car shipping can be sent:

  • Year, make and model of your car
  • City and State for departure and arrival of your car
  • Dates of departure and arrival of your car

Quotes on the cost to ship your car will vary based on distance, weight and season.

Where can I find the year, make and model of my car?

Look on your car registration, car insurance, or car title.

Can’t you just show me the quote online?

We respect your safety. You may be sitting comfortably in your living room or kitchen table, but other users may be on a public computer. Sending you a quote through email or via phone keeps your travel plans and vehicle information between you and the shipping data receiver, not everybody looking over your shoulder.

What states do you ship to?

We ship to the 48 contiguous states in the United States. (That’s every state except Alaska and Hawaii. You’ll need a ship or plane to ship your car to those two states. We keep our cars and trucks on the highways.)

What cities do you ship to?

We ship cars to cities across the United States, but the following cities have major airports, so you can fly to your new destination while we ship your car:

Atlanta, Georgia

Austin, Texas

Baltimore, Maryland

Boston, Massachusetts

Chicago, Illinois

Dallas, Texas

Denver, Colorado

Houston, Texas

Los Angeles, California

Miami, Florida

Nashville, Tennessee

New York City, New York

Newark, New Jersey

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Phoenix, Arizona

San Francisco, California

Seattle, Washington

Washington, D.C.

Can I pack my car while it’s being shipped?

No. The Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has very strict regulations on the amount of weight an auto carrier can carry. The auto carrier will determine the weight of a loaded truck by adding the weight of each vehicle. When you provide the year, make and model of your car, you’re providing the company with knowledge of the weight of your car.

Should I use an open carrier or an enclosed carrier?

Your journey, your budget, your decision. If you’re looking for the most affordable car shipping option, an open carrier is your answer. If you want to protect your exotic car, classic car, or non-running fixer upper, then an enclosed carrier to ship your car is a worthy investment.

Do you ship to military bases?

Yes! It will be an honor for our auto carriers to ship your car to a United States military base, though you may have to accept your car just outside the U.S. military base limits. The military has specific regulations for car shipping, but we will work with you through the process.

Do you ship to colleges?

Yes! Shipping your car to college is a smart decision, especially when you’re moving to another state. Keep in mind, college campuses do not usually accommodate large auto carriers, so you may have to walk to a nearby location or ask your roommate for a lift. We will work with you to find the closest location to drop off your car, and we may be able to arrange for additional pickup services.

Do you ship non-working automobiles?

Yes. We have auto transport carriers experienced in handling non-working automobiles during the shipment loading process. Please let us know right away if you are shipping a non-working automobile. The loading process for a non-working vehicle is different than that of a driveable vehicle.

Do you ship classic cars?

We ship classic and antique cars to 48 of the 50 United States. Ready to travel the country and show off your moving masterpiece? Is the National Hot Rod Association calling your name? We’re ready to ship your car so you can enjoy the fun!

Do you ship exotic, luxury, sports and hi-performance cars?

We’ll ship your hi-performance cars, muscle cars, sports cars, exotic cars, and luxury cars with added protection.

How do you protect my exotic, luxury car?

Your specialty vehicle will be protected in an enclosed carrier. The luxury car will be driven up a low ground clearance ramp and tied down in a strategic “soft” tie-down to reduce friction, yet ensure stability. The skilled and experienced driver will wear protective clothing (limited or no zippers and buttons), and will cover his or her shoes with a protective slipper before entering your car. Your car interior and car windows will be covered with a protective material, and cloth will be used to protect your doors. You may request additional protective services.

Will you ship a car I bought online?

We ship cars from online purchases, but you will have to assist us in arranging vehicle pickup if you are not going to be present. Please let us know if the car you bought online is a drivable or non-drivable car. The load process will be different for a non-drivable car.

How do I contact you about shipping my car to another State?

You can call us at INSERT PHONE NUMBER or email INSERT EMAIL ADDRESS. We’ll be happy to help you ship your car to another state, so you can start your new journey.

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